Thursday, December 25, 2008

Men have more problems than women - in particular with women

This is the first time I write a blog. But I have to raise my voice having read Astas blog for months without any comments!

Mainly I totally agree with what Asta has been writing over the periode of time. However, having read her column named Timber I'm gonna give you the real story:

First of all she wasn't the only one to get out of the bed early Thursday morning. I too had an appointment - in Happaranda 1100 kilometres from here. I offered her a ride, which was nice of me.

I indeed was ready at 4.45, and she reached her meeting spot 10 minutes before time, so why is she complaining? She had nothing to worry about. Just being grumpy I suppose. She spilled coffee in my car. But HELLO! Who takes a cup of coffee into a car without securing the lid?


  1. Well, after two sides af the story I'm a bit confused, but everyone knows that so early in the morning it might be a tad difficult to remember everything afterwards...especially when being of a certain age:-)

  2. Actually, doesn't the titel say it all:-)

  3. Very funny! No one takes coffee in a car without a lid. Unless the lid falls off. Then she will do such a thing. They call that coming unlidded! And a spill is a sure result.

    Spilt coffee from an unlidded cup always stains. That's a very famous saying that I just made up.

    P.S. Thanks for coming by Creative Confections! Appreciate your comment very much.
    Have a great weekend.

    All my kin came from Sweden that's why I'm so funny, too.

  4. I smiled while reading this. I wonder if "she" is upset after reading this.

    Thanks for your visit to my Pick a Peck of Pixels Blog and for your comment there about the squirrel with one ear stuck flat down on its head. She is sitting in the snow eating a peanut. Pick a Peck of Pixels

  5. bahaha you poor thing! Sounds like you had a rough morning that day as well. Next time tell her to cover the coffee before she gets in!